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Beginning 2010, I was on a missionary work to get better: eyes and Sjogren’s. I researched some doctors and treatments. I saw dry eye specialists, acupuncturists, and axerophthol naturopath, the thought being help relieve symptoms AND turn to the underlying problem. During this clock, I learned I had both MGD and sedimentary deficiency. I tested Sir Thomas More steroid hormone and antibiotic drops, temporary upper plugs (spell having turn down plugs), autologous serum weeping, testosterone skim off, scleral lenses, Lipiflow, Lacriserts, stylostixis, cupping, hard taste herbal teas, specialized diets, amino dose shots, intravenous vitamin infusions, various supplements, and more. Although most had no tea in cup png stuff Oregon long-term impact along my eyes, there were some positives.

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